We create innovative games for you.
In the summer of 2012, two people with few previous iOS game-making experience gathered together at a small office to start something fun and different. We quickly to come up a slogan “For Mobile Game” is our simple wish for the company. So, we shortened the slogan to “FORMOGA” and registered it as our official company name, while starting to make our first original game prototypes, what named "Juggling BBQ" we create for you.

December 2012, Our first iOS game will release on App Store for iPad User. The iPhone version will release soon. Please follow with interest "Juggling BBQ".


Although we cannot be sure whether our games are going to be popular or not, we will try our best to create games that everyone can enjoy. Therefore, your interest and warm support will be very much appreciated. :)

Please tell us how to make your satisfaction.

Hit me, If you can
Look at the tennis and hit it back !! 
Be carefully dragon firecracker !!

• Hit me, If you can for (iPhone/Pad/iPod)
• Price : FREE
• Release Date : December 2013

Small & Smaller - Size Does Matter!
Let’s get fun from stacking. The best stacking game of the year you should never miss!
Tired of doing match 3, tired of card game fever? Give this game a try.
The rule is pretty no brainer. You stack the object one by one and see how high you can reach.
There is only one rule to obey, the stacking object has to be smaller than the stacked one.
Use aids wisely to help you stack higher and better, and use them judiciously.

• Small & Smaller (for iPhone/Pad/iPod)
• Price : FREE
• Release Date : November 2013

• Small & Smaller (for Android)
• Price : FREE
• Release Date : Auguest 2014

Soul Collector
Control two avatars at the same time with only one finger. It is all that simple. You hunt demon and collect the soul with lovely summoned pet. It sounds that the control will be complicated with 2 avatars but in fact only one finger is needed during the entire gameplay. 
The control mimics the play of yo-yo that you just tap the summoned pet with the circle movement again and again on the screen to initiate attack and protect you from being hurt by those crude, wandering demon. While normal attack the most of the job, there are certain special attacks to assist; certain gestures will trigger special attack. 

• Soul Collector (for iPhone/Pad/iPod)
• Price : FREE
• Release Date : September 2013

Juggling BBQ (Juggling BBQ HD)
You have sliced fruits, now it's time to skewer and make the perfect BBQ !
Juggling BBQ is a fast and funny action game for everyone to enjoy !
Pin some food pieces with dexterity while flying in the air to become the ultimate skewer chef master !

• Juggling BBQ HD (for iPad/iPad mini)
• Price : FREE
• Release Date : November 2012

• Juggling BBQ (for iPhone/iPod touch)
• Price : FREE
• Release Date : December 2012

• Release Date : December 2012

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